Bathroom Renovation Tips

You may consider your bathroom space as something that just has a functional value. However, do you know that after the kitchen, this is the place most people consider important when buying a house? In other words, bathroom design is not just about convenience; it can also help fetch a greater price, if and when you decide to sell your home. Whether you are building a new bathroom or carrying out bathroom renovations in an existing home, pay attention to these four tips.

Plan Bathroom Renovations

Before getting to the actual design stage, think about what specific requirements you have regarding your bathroom. Is it decor and luxury that you are looking for or convenience? Do you need to change the color scheme or the fittings and fixtures? Discuss the issues you face with the way your bathroom is at present, and involve everyone who uses the place to have their say.

The look of a bathroom is an important factor, but never let this override comfort and convenience. For example, Roman blinds may give a luxurious feel to your bathroom, but they are quite difficult to clean and maintain. Roller blinds, on the other hand, are very easy to care for, especially if you choose a water-proof fabric. You’d like to spend time in a huge bath, but think about whether putting one in will mean reduced space to move around.

Bathroom renovations can be expensive; so make sure you keep track of things that you simply must have and those that are “nice to have.” As the project proceeds, if you find you haven’t overshot your budget, you can always splurge on the latter.

Make Wise Use of Available Space

The bathroom design should ideally be drawn up by focusing on the amount of space available. If there is more space, go ahead and fit in a double sink or a spacious bath, instead of sticking to just a shower. Make sure you have built-in storage racks in the bathroom to store associated things. If you have less space, there is no point really in putting in a huge bath and making the space congested. However, you can definitely speak to your contractor about bathroom renovations such as a smaller-sized bath or reflective flooring, or the use of large mirrors to give the impression of a greater area.

Pay Attention to Lighting

The type of lighting system in a bathroom can make a huge difference to the effects produced. The most well-designed, spacious and luxurious bathroom will not have the right ambiance unless you use strong lighting. There is an amazing variety of lighting fixtures available — nickel, chrome, fluorescent and frosted glass; pick the one that best suits the décor theme of your bathroom.

Although some people do use clear light bulbs, they tend to create too much glare, and it is better to use white incandescent lights that give the same level of visibility as daylight. Think about whether to use LED single lights or strip lighting; consider the use of pinpoint lights for specific spaces such as over the mirror where you need better visibility.

Don’t Scrimp on Essentials

There are some people who swear by doing things themselves; but when it comes to a bathroom, remember that unless you have the mechanical and electrical systems perfectly in place, there are going to be problems later on. Whether you are planning bathroom renovations or designing a new bathroom, make sure you hire professionals to complete the task to perfection. Although it will cost much more than a DIY project, correcting a problem later will involve an expense much greater than if you hire a professional the first time.

Bathroom renovations are not simply a new look to your bathroom; they are an opportunity to create a more inviting ambiance in an important part of your home. With people becoming more specific about the type of design they want in a house, it is no surprise that many home purchase decisions hinge on how good a potential buyer feels about the bathroom in a home. Whether for your own convenience or to increase the value of your home, make sure you get your bathroom design right by keeping these important tips in mind.