Top Home Improvement Projects

New BathroomWhen done right, the top home improvement projects could increase your property value dramatically. One of the best rooms to improve is the bathroom because it must be functional and practical, and look fabulous. Before undergoing such a renovation, it’s crucial to note the numerous demands it has from family members. Consider how many family members use the bathroom, and if two people share the space simultaneously–a problem resolved by installing a larger vanity and double sinks.

Storage in any room is vital, especially in the bathroom, with consumers’ growing needs for personal products that must be stored out of sight for a tidy and organized space. Although showering is most often preferred over bathing, a bathtub must never be replaced by a shower, as the former is essential in a home and mustn’t be sacrificed for the latter, unless there exists a tub in another bathroom of the home. A home without a tub could actually lose value, as most buyers demand it. Bathroom renovations can range widely in cost, depending on numerous factors, but can also bring the greatest return on the investment, as long as they are not excessive, and are in keeping with the average market price of the home, in the given location.

There are numerous improvements that can be made in the bathroom, beginning with the removal and replacement of dated tiles, the sink and vanity, and its other fixtures. Maintaining the current layout will keep costs minimal, although it isn’t always possible, or best. Enlarge the room by stealing a few square feet from an adjacent room to add a shower with frameless doors, in addition to a roman or spa bathtub. Don’t neglect the lighting, or lack thereof, which is often a problem in older bathrooms, as it’s a crucial part of a successful home improvement project.

The kitchen is another room to tackle to increase the home’s property value. On a smaller budget, replace cabinet doors and counters for an instant improvement. For a major kitchen home improvement project, a complete gutting of the room may be best. It will leave you with a blank canvas, on which to build, but it’s vital to have an exceptional plan to have an exceptional outcome. There are numerous considerations that must be made, with serious decisions including, but not limited to:

* Floors
* Cabinets
* Storage solutions within the cabinets
* Counters
* Backsplash
* Sink and faucet
* Pulls and hardware
* Appliances
* Lighting

Each has many options, which could be overwhelming to many homeowners, but working with the right designer and contractor will eliminate the guesswork and ensure a better outcome.

Other Home Improvement Projects to Boost Property Value

* Landscaping is a huge industry, growing each year, especially with the desire to spend more time outdoors, and have great curb appeal. Aim for a superb backyard that draws people out, with attractive and comfortable rooms, like living or dining rooms ideal to entertaining.

* A functional, organized, and tidy entrance is vital to a home. This requires a sizable closet, a properly insulated front door, good lighting, a full length mirror, seating, a console table, and ample space to store footwear.

Organization is key, which comes with ample storage and great planning. The better a home is organized, the more practical and stress-free it becomes.